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Materials and tips for making the most of your Wig Wednesday!

Make a Wig Difference

After Wig Wednesday, don’t forget to send us your generous donations. You can choose to deposit your donation either online or at the bank.

Online Donation option will be available via this microsite from Wednesday 19th June.


Remember the goal is to fundraise for the Child Cancer Foundation, so choose one or more of our activities or feel free to create your own.

General Resources


Get excited and let everyone know you’re participating by displaying these around the office.

Fill in the blank space to let everyone know what activities you’ve got planned for the big day

Big Wig Challenge

Get everyone on board the Big Wig Challenge.  Set a fundraising target and nominate a ‘Big Wig’ (want to see the boss in a wig? Make it happen!) – when you hit that magic number they have to wear a wig of your choice, or lop off their locks!

Reward Certificates

Wig Wednesday Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Get excited

  • Mark Wednday 19 June in the diary
  • Take a look at our fundraising idea sheet for inspiration on what to do on the day
  • Make a plan on how your business will fundraise
  • Set a fundraising target

Step 2: Spread the word

  • Display your posters around the office (Fill in the blank space on the ‘What We’re Doing’ poster to let everyone know what activities you’ve got planned for the big day)
  • Include an update on Wig Wednesday in your internal company communication (see the ‘Suggested Newsletter Copy’ included for inspiration)
  • Check out our website for extra resources

Step 3: Friday (14th June) before Wig Wednesday

  • Remind everyone what you have planned for Wig Wednesday and to get their wig ready (purchased, borrowed or handmade)

Wednesday 19th June: It’s Wig Wednesday

  • Get wiggy with it & collect donations for Child Cancer Foundation!
    • Have fun wearing your wig with pride on the way to work, for a meeting or the whole day
    • Hold wig awards for categories such as best wig, most creative wig, best handmade wig etc (certificates available online for winners)
    • Enjoy the day and capture all the wig wearing moments – include hastags #wigwednesday and tag @childcancerfoundation on any photos you upload
  • Make a Wig Difference!
    • Say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and let everyone know how much was raised
    • Send your donations to Child Cancer Foundation (see banking information provided)


2-3 Weeks Out: Lock it in!


  • Business Template Newsletter Copy – Create an update to send via email, or include in your internal newsletter – let everyone know why Wig Wednesday is so important and how easy it is to take part.
  • Wig Wednesday email banner – Add our 600 x 300 72 dpi banner image to your email update
    Wig Wednesday Post Image – Help us spread the word about Wig Wednesday.  Share about your Wig Wednesday involvement across your Social Media channels using are Wig Wednesday Post Image and suggested copy:

    • We’re wearing wigs on June 20 to fundraise for Kiwi kids with cancer. Find out how you can get involved at #WigWednesday
    • We’re getting wiggy on June 20 to fundraise for Child Cancer Foundation. Find out more at #WigWednesday
    • On June 20, [organisation/team name]will be taking part in Wig Wednesday to support the Child Cancer Foundation and fundraise for Kiwi kids with cancer. Find out more at #WigWednesday
  • Big Wig Challenge – Make sure you’ve got your challenge page set up.

One Week out: Got your wig?

Remind everyone to wear their wig on Wednesday 20 June and bring a donation for the Child Cancer Foundation. You can also remind them about other fundraising activities you have planned and give a Big wig Challenge update.

  • We’re wearing our Wigs Facebook cover – Show your support for Wig Wednesday on your Facebook page.
  • Big Wig Challenge – get those pledges going on your Big Wig Challenge page. Update your teams on your fundraising progress and remind them to make a pledge.

Wednesday 20 June: Get wiggy with us!
  • Wear your wig all day, or just for a meeting.
  • Remember to collect those donations!
Show off your wig style
  • Take photos throughout the day to share on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)
  • Include #WigWednesday in your posts to join other participating businesses, schools and Kiwis across the country! Don’t forget to tag us in – @ ChildCancerFoundationNZ
  • You may also want to use photos in your next internal update and let everyone know how much was raised, and the difference it will make to the lives of children with cancer and their families.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Wig Wednesday team on