Big Wig Challenge

Join the Wig Wednesday BIG WIG challenge and take your fundraising to the next level.

What is the BIG WIG challenge?

The Big Wig challenge is an audacious way for schools, businesses, and community groups to get behind Wig Wednesday and amplify their fundraising. It’s an easy concept: set a fundraising target, nominate a “Big Wig” (want to see the boss or principal in a wig? Make it happen!). When you hit that magic number your “Big Wig” must complete the challenge – by wearing a wig of your choice, or lopping off their locks!

How do we get started?
  1. Set your fundraising target
  2. Nominate your “Big Wig” and set the challenge
  3. Create your Big Wig fundraising page – click the link below
  4. Kick off your challenge by sharing your fundraising page far and wide with your community, organisation, friends and families.

Don’t forget to take photo’s of your “Big Wig” to include in your next internal update and let everyone know how much was raised, and the difference it will make to the lives of children with cancer and their families.


Need a BIG WIG challenge poster? Download here: Poster Big Wig.